Anonymous asked: biospecialist, dark au, virginity, romeo and juliet [or pls slytherin/gryffindor if you're part of hp fandom some dark pre-war or idk i'm dumb sorry]


a descent follows

agents of shield, ward x simmons, R | for anon and always for my muse aliena

It is blinding, when the moment comes; maybe that’s just because you can’t see anything. You can only go by feel, so you reach across the small space between you and you touch him. He doesn’t breathe, just looks at you like he’s never seen you before. You can feel it. You have been very very still, and very silent. No one may hear. None of them will know.

ward!slytherin [of course] and jemma!gryffindor [i want to make her ravenclaw but promt is my king]

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Ned and Chuck + Kissing | Requested by anon



So we tell everyone tonight. Agreed?

Anonymous asked: Imagine Person A of your OTP is busy trying to finish up work. Person B then casually walks into the room, goes up behind A, and whispers how much they’ve been wanting A for so long. A gets flustered, interpreting it at something sexual, until B corrects them by mentioning they meant they missed seeing A due to being busy with work lately. Cue an amused B telling an embarrassed A to get their mind out of the gutter. WE NEED A FIC WE NEED A JAPRIL FIC RIGHHHHT???? PLEASE PLEASE


Let’s travel back a few months to when they were still in that secret bubble phase. Enjoy!

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"I was the cliche blonde in a red sports car for a while."


Sebastian Stan x CFDA Awards 2014 by Justin Bridges HQ

les amis de l’ABC - original french cast ( based on this )

samuel theis as enjolras; raphael personnaz as courfeyrac; francois letourneau as combeferre; florent mothe as bahorel; gregoire leprince-ringuet as joly; marc-andre grondin as bossuet; adrien sahores as jehan; thomas coumans as feuill; felix moati as marius; louis garrel as grantaire